New Year, New Blog


Welcome to the newly updated website! I'm excited to finally have a site I can update on my own, without having to email pictures and text to a more tech savvy individual. Additionally, it's great to have a blog and my teaching videos all in one place.

As I am studying for yet another large test in this doctoral program, I've been reading some interesting articles. The exact citations are not the point as much as my curiosity around the consistency of music education. What I mean is, why do the articles from 100 years ago have the same themes as articles from today? Has there been no forward progress? It appears that there are more varied music opportunities for students in public schools. It also appears that there are a similar number if not more opportunities for students in community music programs. Yet, the articles continually harp on the poor quality of music education available to students and the lack of opportunities.

How is music education in your locale? Do your students have opportunities? Are there a variety of levels at which a student can join a musical group?